The Lights Camera Action attraction at Universal Studios Singapore provides visitors the experience of being on a film-production soundstage. The soundstage is set to simulate the scene from inside a waterfront boathouse in New York City during a category 5 hurricane. Visitors experience a scene filled with wind, rain, explosions, fire, and objects falling from the ceiling. Mach III clutches were used in the drive system that allowed elements of the scene (boats and steel girders) to free-fall into the water during the performance and then be quickly reset to their original positions before the arrival of the next visitors.

Skip ahead to 2:30 minutes to see the falling elements.

The elements which fall during the performance are suspended by cables. The cables are attached to winches that are driven by Mach III clutches. Spring engaged-air release clutches were selected based on the functional requirements. Since the clutches are spring applied, they remain engaged in the absence of air pressure. While a braking system assures that the winches are held in place, the engaged clutches provide redundancy. When the brake is released, air is simultaneously applied to the clutch to release it. The winch drums are then freed and the suspended element comes splashing down into the water. Mach III Spring Set Clutch

Click Here for specs on the Mach III E8D3K-STH and EBD4K-STH clutches used in this application.