Torque Limiter Allows Fish Barrier To Lower Automatically

This torque limiter is part of a hoist system that raises and lowers large barrier grates that allow the flow of water from a drainage waterway adjacent to the Sacramento River, but prevent spawning salmon from swimming in. A torque limiter was needed to provide a means of slipping the hoist system  – effectively lowering the grates automatically when an excess of force is caused by the build-up of debris preventing damage to the weir structure and equipment.

Unique challenges of this application were addressed through custom design:

  • Installation between SEW compact helical gear box and SAF77 gearbox
    The torque limiter housing has non-standard B5 input and output along with an integral adapter.
  • The unit must support a 255 pound overhung load.
    The housing was specially designed to provide the required support of the SAF77 gearbox and Rototork actuator.
  • 24/7/365 outdoor exposure
    The housing provides complete enclosure of the internal components.
  • The slip torque setting needs to be adjustable onsite.
    Two ports covered by sealed, removable panels allow access to the adjustment nuts. After loosening a jam nut with an open end wrench, the adjustment nuts can be rotated to increase or decrease compression of a disc spring which raises or lowers the slip torque setting. The torque limiter remains in place throughout the process.

To view the spec sheet for this torque limiter, Click Here.

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One of 6 hoist systems, including the torque limiter, in place atop the Wallace Weir.