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Friction Torque Limiter Application and Use Guide

Friction torque limiters provide simple and cost effective protection of higher cost components from damage by preventing torque in excess of a specified amount from transmitting from one component to another. This guide reviews how they work, their benefits and limitations, and tips for selection and use.

Food Safe Torque Limiter Retrofit

In a beef jerky processing machine, the clogging of product was sending torque spikes through the drive system, damaging expensive components and causing costly downtime. A compact, retrofit solution was needed to provide overload protection.

Conway Clutch Replacements

Trying to find a replacement for a Conway Clutch product that is no longer manufactured? Mach III has helped dozens of clients in this situation by providing solutions that fit both the torque and the mounting requirements. Photo credit: Robby Virus.

Wire Braiding Tension Brake

Mach III has a number of options for tension control including SensiFlex® clutches and brakes. For applications with low thermal load requirements, standard air engaged brakes with low coefficient friction linings can often be used effectively. Such was the case with this application.

Brake Maintains Bovine Bliss

The motto of BouMatic, a Wisconsin manufacturer of automated cow milking systems, is Gently, Quickly and Completely. In keeping with Gently, BouMatic needed a brake solution to prevent their patented Exit Reel from bumping Bessie on the backside.

Torque Limiter Allows Fish Barrier To Lower Automatically

Part of a hoist system that raises gates to prevent spawning salmon from entering a drainage waterway along the Sacramento River, this torque limiter is built for outdoor exposure, supports an overhung load and is manually adjustable on-site.

Power-Off Brake For Short Axial Shaft

Power Off Brake

With little more than 2 inches of shaft extending from the machine frame to work with, Mach III designed a custom brake that would provide the required torque without necessitating further modifications to the equipment.