How To Order

Buying Direct from Mach III

The majority of Mach III products may be purchased direct by any level of client:
User, Distributor, Reseller or OEM.

Sales restrictions only apply to a small number of custom products that are proprietary to the OEM clients for which they were developed.

To request a quotation:

Buying Through Distributors or Resellers

Mach III does not have stocking distributors, but clients are welcome to purchase Mach III products through any distributor or reseller with which they have an established relationship.

To Submit a Purchase Order

Transmission of purchase orders by email is preferred.

To place an order by telephone, please call 859-291-0849. All orders received by Mach III are acknowledged by email with confirmed pricing and a scheduled ship date within 24 hours. If you do not receive an acknowledgement, please call for there may be a problem that prevented us from receiving your purchase order.

How To Specify Mach III Products On A Purchase Order

If unsure how to identify or specify Mach III products, CLICK HERE for more information, or call to speak with someone on our customer service team.

Payment Options For Clients in the USA and Canada

1. Payment by Credit Card

Mach III accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover only when the card information is supplied at the same time an order is placed. Charges for orders under $10,000.00 are generally processed on the date of shipment. For orders over this amount, deposits may be charged in advance. Clients will be advised when a deposit is required. Invoices may not be paid with a credit card at any time after the date of the invoice.

2. Net 30 Credit Terms

Mach III will consider establishing a Net 30 credit account for any client who:

      • Is a business located in the USA or Canada.
      • Has placed a purchase order for a minimum of $1,000 in products or has past purchases that when combined with a current order, will exceed the one thousand dollars.
      • Has completed a signed Mach III Credit Application & Policy. Clients may substitute their own standard credit information document in lieu of the first page of the application. The second page must be signed.

Required Forms:

Mach III will gather information provided by your references, and by independent business credit rating services, to make a determination as to whether or not your company qualifies for credit terms. The credit review and approval process can usually be performed while the order is in process. For orders requiring a lead time of less than two weeks, a credit card may be required.

Payment Options For Clients Located Outside the USA and Canada

Mach III generally requires payment by wire transfer for all clients located outside of the USA and Canada. Wire transfer details and terms will be supplied at the time orders are confirmed.

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