Prevent Heavy-duty Drill Overloads With Torque-limiting Couplings

Ensuring equipment and operator safety is critical when using heavy-duty power drills to open and close gate valves, butterfly valves and other high-torque rotary actuators. To this end, the Mach III T4X2R-STH torque-limiting coupling minimizes the risk of machine damage by slipping when the torque exceeds a preset limit, preventing harmful overloads in power drill applications.

This coupling features a #3 Morse taper shaft that directly connects to the drill socket. During operation, torque is transmitted until it exceeds the slip torque setting, which can be specified at the factory before shipment or adjusted manually in the field with a spanner wrench. Once the drill exceeds the set torque, the friction and disc drives slip — and continue to slip — until the drill is powered off. Operation can then be resumed without requiring a reset, preventing high torque from damaging the equipment or jarring the operator.
The T4X2R is supplied with a range of output options for connecting to imperial or metric shafting, square nuts, hex sockets and square sockets. It supports multiple coupling output designs in both steel and aluminum constructions. This coupling also achieves torque up to 2,796 pound-inches and operates up to 1,750 rotations per minute.

The coupling’s compatibility includes:

  • Standard keyway
  • Square nut
  • Square socket
  • Hex socket
  • “D” shaft

Installing the T4X2R torque limiter coupling is easy and can be done in minutes. Swapping different coupling outputs is fast and simple — requiring only a hex wrench.

Take a look at the T4X2R and learn more by watching our new video.