Conway Clutch Replacements

Trying to find a replacement for a Conway Clutch? Mach III founder, Raleigh Becknell, began his engineering career at Conway Clutch where he designed the patented Stationary Air Housing. Mach III clutches are similar to Conway units in function, dimension and torque capacity. By making slight modifications to our catalog standard models, Mach III can provide drop-in replacements for many of the no-longer manufactured Conway clutches. Below are some examples.

Conway 858 Series Clutch-Adapter Assembly

A Norton Hyprolap lapping machine had a pair of Conway 858 series clutch mechanisms. Mounted back to back on the same shaft, one acted as a brake and the other as a clutch. The Mach III replacement consisted of the clutch mechanism from our standard M5R2K-STH and a customized adapter to match the mounting geometry of the Conway unit. This custom clutch/adapter assembly, Mach III product M5R2K-001, was a drop in replacement. The machine owner purchased two for a total cost of only $3,200 for the retrofit.

Conway 858-3M Clutch-Coupling Assembly

Mach III created the M3G2R-002 for a Dallas, TX company who was rebuilding a printing press. The press included a Conway 858-3M clutch that was used for controlling tension on the reel. The clutch was seated on a 1.00 inch vertical shaft that extended through the clutch and into the coupling. The top end of the coupling connected to a 1.5 inch shaft. Mach III created a clutch and coupling that replicated the dimensions of the original Conway unit, and added a bearing inside the coupling to facilitate alignment of the two shafts. The Mach III clutch was installed directly in place of the old Conway unit and no additional modifications were necessary.

Conway 858-8B Clutch-Adapter Assembly

Many of the Conway clutches in operation are now decades old, and no longer bear identification labels or markings. In this instance, all the client knew was that the clutch was from “Cincinnati” and “10” and 80″ were stamped in the housing. With photographs and key dimensions, Mach III was able to supply a replacement clutch and adapter assembly: M8R2K-008.

Get in touch with our engineers to get started on a Conway Clutch replacement solution for your equipment. While it is helpful to know the current Conway Clutch model number, it is also important that we understand how the clutch is mounted and the function it is performing. Digital photographs or a sketch showing the clutch and how it relates the existing drive are extremely useful.