Wire Braiding Tension Brake

Mach III has a number of options for tension control including SensiFlex®  tension control clutches and brakes. For applications with low thermal load requirements, standard air engaged brakes with low coefficient friction linings can often be used effectively. Generally, this is a cost saving option; such was the case with this application.

A design engineer was in need of a number of brakes to provide hold back tension on each of the spools in a wire braiding machine. The engineer considered using caliper brakes but they were too large to fit onto the upright that held the spools. Searching for alternatives, the engineer explored the web for other options. He discovered SensiFlex® tension control brakes on the Mach III website, selected a 38BK-ULOW and downloaded a 3D model.

After receiving notification of the download, Mach III’s engineering team followed up to see if they could be of help. Finding that the maximum speed was just 150 feet per minute and the tension required was only 2 pounds, they offered an alternative brake. While the SensiFlex® brake would perform the job from a torque requirement standpoint, it had more thermal capacity than the application required. The B3B1F-001 brake was proposed instead. Not only did this brake fit perfectly on the upright support, the cost was half that of the SensiFlex® 38BK-ULOW brake.