New NEMA Spring Engaged Brakes Expand Our Mini Line

We’re excited to announce we’ve expanded our standard miniature line of brakes, clutches and torque limiters with our new Miniature NEMA Spring Engaged Brakes Series. These brakes, which include our D2C2R-42H and D2C2R-48H models, are ideal for tight spaces, smaller shafts or applications with light torque requirements.

Features and Specifications

These new miniature brakes include a NEMA frame and enclosed, aluminum housings. In terms of their operation, spring pressure compresses the drive and friction discs, producing a fixed amount of torque. The brake is then released when sufficient air pressure energizes it.

Designed for horizontal mounting configurations, the D2C2R-42H and D2C2R-48H brakes mount between a C-face motor and gear reducer in holding applications. They also function as a failsafe in non-cycling applications.

Notable specifications include:

  • NEMA frame size: 42C (D2C2R-42H) and 48C (D2C2R-48H)
  • Dynamic torque: 73 lb-in
  • Minimum disengagement pressure: 60 psi
  • Maximum operating pressure: 80 psi
  • Maximum rotations per minute: 1,750 rpm
  • Input bore/output shaft: 0.375 in (D2C2R-42H) and 0.500 in (D2C2R-48H)
  • Air volume (new): 0.02 cubic-in
  • Vertical mounting available — please consult engineering

Learn More About Our Miniature Series

Our latest miniature spring engaged brakes join our already comprehensive lineup of miniature brakes, clutches and torque limiters. These standard devices are ideal for torque requirements less than 200 lb-in and shaft sizes between 0.3125 and 0.500 in. Clear anodized or stainless housing versions are also available.

To learn more about our new D2C2R-42H and D2C2R-48H Miniature NEMA Spring Engaged Brakes, please visit our product page.