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Brakes With Customized Housings for C-Face Connections

clock May 15, 2019 18:07 by author Mach III Clutch

logo-legoDesigning a motion system is not as simple as connecting LEGO® bricks. Sometimes the components you select do not directly interface with one another. Other times, you search all day, but find that nothing interfaces with a component. Enter Mach III. We specialize at configuring brake housings to fit between servo motors, air motors, actuators, gear reducers and other components.

Here are some examples:



D3C3R-005 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    213TC NEMA Servo Motor
Output: 182TC NEMA Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  222 pound inches



D8C2K-004 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:   Yaskawa Servo motor
Output: IEC 160 B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity:  3,728 pound inches

D4C2R-001 _side_200x190


D4C2R-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:     Dyna-Torque 7 Air Motor
Output:  IEC100-B5 Flange Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 274 pound inches 



D6C2G-001 Spring Engaged Brake 

Input:    Alpha Fanuc Servo Motor
Output:  Ball Screw
Torque Capacity: 1,478 pound inches



B2C2Q-001 Air Engaged Brake 

Input:   Allen Bradley Servo Motor
Output: Apex Planetary Gear Reducer
Torque Capacity: 90 pound inches

Can we make a brake to go between the components you’ve selected?

There’s only one way to find out:     Contact Mach III Engineering

Custom Design Solutions: Food Safe Torque Limiter

clock March 18, 2019 10:18 by author Mach III Clutch

T4B2H-003_1This slip clutch was developed for an application where sheets of beef jerky are pulled through processing machinery by a studded wheel. Problems arose if any of the wheels became jammed. The resulting torque spikes were damaging other machine components. Click Here To Read More

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Torque Limiter Allows Fish Barrier To Lower Automatically

clock February 22, 2019 12:41 by author Mach III Clutch

coho-salmonThis torque limiter is part of a hoist system that raises and lowers large barrier grates that allow the flow of water from a drainage waterway adjacent to the Sacramento River, but prevent spawning salmon from swimming in. A torque limiter was needed to provide a means of slipping the hoist system  – effectively lowering the grates automatically when an excess of force is caused by the build-up of debris preventing damage to the weir structure and equipment. 

Unique challenges of this application were addressed through custom design:

  • Installation between SEW compact helical gear box and SAF77 gearbox
    The torque limiter housing has non-standard B5 input and output along with anT8C3K-001 integral adapter.
  • The unit must support a 255 pound overhung load. 
    The housing was specially designed to provide the required support of the SAF77 gearbox and Rototork actuator.
  • 24/7/365 outdoor exposure
    The housing provides complete enclosure of the internal components.
  • The slip torque setting needs to be adjustable onsite.
    Two ports covered by sealed, removable panels allow access to the adjustment nuts. After loosening a jam nut with an open end wrench, the adjustment nuts can be rotated to increase or decrease compression of a disc spring which raises or lowers the slip torque setting. The torque limiter remains in place throughout the process.

To view the spec sheet for this torque limiter, Click Here.


One of 6 hoist systems, including the torque limiter, in place atop the Wallace Weir.

Power-Off Brake For Short Axial Shaft

clock September 19, 2018 14:45 by author Mach III Clutch

The Need:D5F2R-001gif

  • Minimum 600 pound inches to hold a shaft stationary when air pressure (power) is absent.
  • Brake must fully release when 60 PSI is applied.
  • Ample radial space available to connect the brake housing to the machine frame, but . . .
  • Only 2.125 Inches of an un-keyed, 1.687 Inch round shafting extends from the  machine frame.

The Solution:

  • Custom brake design uses a shrink disc to lock the brake hub onto the shaft.
  • Brake housing connects to the machine frame on a 6.563 Inch Bolt Circle.
  • Brake provides 1,200 pound inches of brake torque, fully releases at 59 PSI.

Click Here For Spec Sheet

View Catalog Model Holding Brakes:

Flange Mounted Models

NEMA Frame Models

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Overload Protection Retrofit

clock August 17, 2018 13:32 by author Mach III Clutch


A positioning arm that held a panel in place as it was attached to the wing assembly of an aircraft was already in use when a problem was discovered. Overload placed on the panel was traveling through the drive train to the motor. Thinking outside the box, Mach III’s engineering team devised a solution that fit within the existing drive system.

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Torque Limiter Application Guide

Custom Torque Limiter Page

Hand Adjustable Torque Limiter

clock May 20, 2018 07:30 by author Mach III Clutch

T4Q1R-001_highres_outlinedThis torque limiter is used as a tension brake. The operator uses the knurled adjustment knob to vary the tension on a roll of film as it is unwound and applied to an architectural panel. The unit is constructed on a solid drive hub that extends from the unit and has a half inch wide and deep slot output to accommodate the tang on the core chuck.

Other configurations of this design are possible so if on-the-fly adjustment would be a benefit in your application, contact our factory based engineering and design team. All Mach III products are made in the USA and lead times for custom designs average less than 4 weeks. 

View the Spec Sheet

Go To the Custom Torque Limiter Page

Compact Holding Brake with Metric or Imperial Bore and Air Inlet

clock May 19, 2017 15:46 by author Mach III Clutch

D3B1Y-003_200x190Less than 4 Inches in diameter and 2.32 long, this compact spring applied brake holds the shaft stationary with 166 pound inches of torque until 55 PSI is applied to release it. Connection is simple. The brake slides on the shaft and is fixed with a key and set screws. Just two cap screws or pins are required in the machine frame to react the brake torque.

Click Here for Metric Model Spec Sheet

Click Here For Imperial Model Spec Sheet


Torque Coupling with O-Ring/Retainer Pin Connections Enables Quick Socket Changeovers and Prevents Stripped Threads

clock February 1, 2017 02:45 by author Mach III Clutch

O-Ring_Connected_Torque CouplingUsed for installing switching mechanisms on railway lines, the drill press to which this torque limiting coupling is attached sinks large screws into railroad ties made of various materials such as steel, concrete, plastic and wood. Each material requires a different size of screw and a different amount of drive torque. The railroad workers are able to manually adjust the slip torque setting of the coupling to the value needed for each material by loosening or tightening the adjustment nut. The output shaft allows for the quick interchange of sockets to accommodate the various screw sizes.

Mach III provides rapid turn-around for application adapted designs. This torque limiter was designed and quoted within 24 hours of the initial discussion between the client and our engineers. The units were manufactured within 3 weeks. 

To see how this unit limits torque transmission, Click Here.

To learn about custom solutions and our custom design process Click Here.

View the Spec Sheet

Holding Brake With Manual Override

clock October 17, 2016 03:17 by author Mach III Clutch

holding brake with manual overrideThis holding brake is used to secure a load on a hoist until it is required to be moved, at which point air pressure is applied to release the brake. However, if the power fails and compressed air is unavailable, the user needed the option to manually release the brake and move the load by hand.  Mach III engineers incorporated a lever that releases the brake manually when pushed in either direction.

  • D3C2R-005 Spring Engaged, Air Released Brake
  • Torque Rating = 461 pound inches
  • Brake remains engaged until air pressure is applied
  • Manual override lever can be used as an alternate method of brake release during power failure

Click Here to view the spec sheet.

Wash Down Clutch With a Lead Time That Saved The Day

clock February 11, 2016 06:35 by author Mach III Clutch

C5A3K-001A food processing equipment manufacturer received an unexpected and unpleasant piece of news when they tried to purchase the nickel plated jaw tooth clutch they had designed into a new machine, a 16 week lead time!  Needing a 5 week lead time to meet the delivery date required by their customer, the manufacturer contacted us.  Did Mach III have a clutch that was equivalent?  Could we deliver in 5 weeks?  After reviewing the application and coordinating with production, our engineering team said, "Yes."

Our designers even found a way to expedite installation by incorporating an adapter so the clutch could be directly connected to the Lovejoy L150 elastomeric spider coupling used in the machine design.

The base for this design is the C5A2K-STH catalog model. For corrosion resistance, the unit is sealed and all exposed components are made from stainless steel and aluminum. This clutch is a prime example of the quick customization available from Mach III.  

View The Spec Sheet 

Servo Motor Brake Holds When Power Is Off

clock November 10, 2015 20:30 by author Mach III Clutch

Servo Motor BrakeThis spring engaged, air released friction brake was designed at the request of a thermoforming machinery manufacturer in Taiwan who needed to assure that a forming platen is held stationary in the absence of air pressure.  Communicating by email across 7,800 miles and 12 time zones, Mach III’s engineers were able to obtain all the details about the application as well as the dimensions of the servo motor and gearbox the brake would go between.

Within a couple of days a design and quotation were presented for this holding brake which has 2,409 pound inches of torque.  The brake connects directly to a Yaskawa SGMGV-IE 15kw servo motor on the input side and a Lenze GKS-11 3W gearbox on the output side.  

Click Here to view the spec sheet.

Slip Clutch Adapted For Diameter Restriction

clock September 16, 2015 06:14 by author Mach III Clutch

T4A4H-001_highres_outlinedThis mechanical friction torque limiter was created in response to a customer’s request for a slip clutch with a 3180 pound inch setting and a 44L100 pilot mounted pulley. The first challenge of this application was that the outside diameter of the torque limiter could not exceed the diameter of the pulley. Mach III designed this unit with eight friction surfaces to deliver the required torque within the diameter restriction. 

The second challenge was that the unit had to fit on a 1.25 Inch shaft.  The design could accommodate a 1.25 inch bore, but there was no room for a keyway.  Mach III extended the drive hub and fitted it with a locking collar to connect the torque limiter to the shaft.

View The Spec Sheet

See More Custom Torque Limiter Designs

Holding Brake Connects Directly To Rotary Actuator

clock June 29, 2015 17:59 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III Holding BrakeLike many of Mach III’s custom designs, this brake design began with an inquiry about a catalog model spring engaged brake.  An engineer working on a drive system needed a holding brake to prevent a Rexroth RAK-8D  actuator from being back driven and losing position if air pressure was lost. The connection to the actuator was a 19mm square rather than a typical round shaft and key and since the system would be on an offshore oil drilling platform, the brake had to be enclosed.

While it was possible to enclose the D4F3R-STH brake the engineer had inquired about and produce it with a square input, he would have to make changes to his design to connect the brake to the motor. Instead, Mach III engineers presented the concept of this enclosed spring engaged, air released brake with a flange containing six through holes on an 80mm bolt circle to connect directly to the actuator. The brake has 500 pound inches of torque and requires 77 PSI to release.  The time span between the initial inquiry and the quotation for the custom design was just 4 days. The lead time to produce this
completely custom brake solution was only 3 short weeks.

Click here to view the spec sheet.

IEC Flange Clutches, Brakes & Torque Limiters

clock April 10, 2015 02:35 by author Mach III Clutch

X5C2R-004_highres_outlinedIn addition NEMA Frame mounted models, Mach III also produces clutches, brakes, clutch-brake combinations and torque limiters to IEC Flange standards.  The model pictured is a combination air applied clutch – spring applied brake.

  • Part Number:  X5C2R-004
  • IEC 100 Frame, B5 Flange
  • 28mm Input Bore and Output Shaft
  • Clutch Torque:  495 lb-in @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque:  197 lb-in, 20-30 PSI Release

NEMA and IEC models are available in a variety of finishes:  aluminum, anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making them suitable for food processing and packaging applications.  

Click here to see the spec sheet.

Food and Beverage Handling Solutions

clock April 5, 2015 07:13 by author Mach III Clutch

MachIII_Food_Pkg_ProdMach III has solutions for connecting, disconnecting, stopping, holding, tension control and overload protection in food and beverage processing and packaging environments. We are experienced in adapting our clutch, brake and torque limiter designs with covers, seals and food safe components and lubricants. Finishes are available in stainless, electroless nickel plated steel and anodized aluminum. Learn more about some of the units we have produced for food and beverage handling applications.  

Torque Limiter Coupling with Interchangeable Output

clock March 18, 2015 09:50 by author Mach III Clutch

Morse_Taper_Torque_Limiter_CouplingCommonly used to open and close gate valves in water treatment and irrigation systems, this friction torque limiter coupling connects to a power drill with a #3 Morse taper socket.  A variety of output options are available including different sized squares and keyed bores.   The coupling is pre-set at the factory to a torque value you specify and may be adjusted in the field if needed.  When the torque setting is exceeded, the coupling slips to prevent over tightening.

Torque Limiter Details

  • #3 Morse Taper Input
  • Weight:  7 pounds
  • 4.5 Inch Outside Diameter, Length Varies By Coupling
  • Torque Settings Between 10 and 233 Pound Feet Can Be Specified

Coupling Options Shown

  • Top:  1.0 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway and Set Screws
  • Left:  0.75 Inch Square
  • Center:  2.0 Inch Square (Fits 2 Inch Square AWWA Operating Nut)
  • Right:  0.75 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway & Set Screws
  • Coupling Weight:  1 – 2 pounds

Download Spec Sheet and 3D Models

Shaft Connection Options for Clutches, Brakes and Torque Limiters

clock February 20, 2015 02:01 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III Shaft Connection Options

Mach III will modify its catalog model friction clutches, brakes and torque limiters or create an original design that connects to the shaft the way you prefer. Pictured are a few examples, clockwise from top left:

  • Traditional bore and keyway with set screw. Available in both Imperial and Metric sizes with standard or non-standard keyways.
  • Broached for a square shaft
  • Extended hub with bore and keyway, slotted for connection to the shaft with clamp collar
  • Extended hub with bore and shrink disc

Visit Our Custom Solutions Page To Learn More

Clutch-Brake With Integral Pulley

clock October 27, 2014 17:30 by author Mach III Clutch


This combination clutch-brake is similar to Mach III’s catalog model W4A2H-STH which has a ball bearing pilot on which a sprocket or pulley can be mounted. The pilot is driven when air is applied and held stationary when air is absent. An application called for the unit to have a 36 degree, 3L groove pulley with a 3.96 Inch pitch diameter which is too small to fit on the pilot. Mach III made modifications to reduce the size of the internal components so that the pulley could be incorporated directly into the sleeve.  

Click Here to view the spec sheet.

Torque Limiter Coupling Connects Square Shafts

clock October 14, 2014 17:38 by author Mach III Clutch

T4Q2H-001 FrontUsed on to raise and lower an antena on a military vehicle, this torque limiter coupling is exposed to the elements. Stainless Steel contruction assures that it up under the harsh conditions. The torque limiter portion fits a 1.0 Inch Square, the coupling portion fits a 0.75 Inch Square. The torque limiter protects the driven shaft by slipping if the factory torque setting of 1,800 pound inches is exceeded while the antena is raised.

Click Here To View The Spec Sheet

213TC to 182TC NEMA Frame Brake

clock July 25, 2014 03:24 by author Mach III Clutch

What makes this Mach III brake custom?  Not much, really.  It is basically a catalog model D5C3R-21H spring applied brake with an output shaft diameter of 1.125 Inch instead of 1.375.  A minor change, but when the brake must be mounted between a 213TC NEMA frame motor and a 182TC NEMA frame gear box it is a major difference.  No longer does the client have to purchase a brake, disassemble it, turn down the output shaft and put it back together.  This Mach III brake is out of the box and on the machine with a lead time of only 3 weeks.

View the Spec Sheet

Custom Design Solutions: Clutch with Spider Coupling Adapter

clock July 22, 2014 12:37 by author Mach III Clutch

This clutch is similar to the  58SI  SensiFlex® shaft input tension control clutch.  It has been modified to include a pilot mounted coupling hub which mates with a spider coupling (a.k.a.  jaw coupling).  This clutch is drop-in ready to simplify installation.spider-coupling illustration

Would a custom design make your assembly process easier?  Mach III supplies custom adapters and couplings for many catalog models. 

Heavy Duty End of Shaft Clutch With Integral Pulley

clock March 25, 2014 10:23 by author Mach III Clutch

x-defaultThis air actuated friction clutch is a customized version of the Mach III C6D3K-STH.

  • 7,405 lb.-in. Torque @ 80 PSI
  • 2.125 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway
  • Integral 6-5V Groove Pulley
  • 0.25” NPT Rotary Air Union
  • Enclosed Construction

View Spec Sheet

Torque Limiter with Bearing Supported Coupling

clock January 21, 2014 05:05 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach_III_V6G2G-001_Torque LimiterAt Mach III, we try to find balance between due diligence regarding new applications and driving our customers and prospects crazy with questions, but this is one example of where it prevented a costly mistake.  This design evolved from an order for the  V6G1G-STL torque limiter mechanism with coupling.  The catalog model was chosen by the end user after consulting Mach III’s website and the company tasked with building the equipment ordered what was specified. 

At the time of the order, however, there were several red flags that led to contact between Mach III’s engineering team and the project engineer.  Their discussions and a review of layout sketches revealed that V6G1G-STL was unsuitable as there was no support for the coupling shaft and the unit did not have the required torque capacity.  The unit which resulted, V6G2G-001 pictured above, includes a rigid coupling with internal bearing to pilot the 1.75 Inch drive shaft and support the 2.0 inch coupling shaft.  It has a torque capacity of 8,777 pound inches, almost 3 times more than the model originally chosen. 

View The Spec Sheet

High Torque Holding Brake Fits Within Diameter Restriction

clock November 1, 2013 07:05 by author Mach III Clutch

D6F4G-003_x500The application for this spring actuated holding brake required a minimum 3,300 lb-in torque capacity.  Our engineers first recommended the Mach III catalog D8F3K-STH,  however, the machine design could not accommodate the 11.75 inch flange diameter of this standard model.

To accomodate the radial space constriction, Mach III used the D6F3G-STH brake as a base and incorporated additional friction surfaces. The result was a brake with 4,405 pound inches of holding torque within a 9.53 inch diameter. 

View The Spec Sheet

Clutch-Brakes for Harsh Environments: Mach III Has It Covered

clock October 5, 2013 07:45 by author Mach III Clutch

W4A2H-STH_W4A2H-004Mach III frequently adapts catalog products to meet the individual needs of the application.  In this example the customer required a combination clutch-brake that would drive a pilot mounted sprocket when engaged and hold it stationary when disengaged.  However, the environment in which the clutch-brake would operate was dusty and there was a potential for particulates to enter the clutch-brake where they could cause premature wear or failure. 

Mach III adapted the cylinder portion of a catalog model W4A2H-STH clutch-brake by expanding the outer diameter and elongating it to form a cover.  Both the catalog model and modified design are shown on the right. 

This or a similar solution can also be used in clutch, brake and torque limiter designs.

Conveyor Clutches Last A Long Time When Properly Applied

clock July 29, 2013 15:33 by author Mach III Clutch

MachIII_5004_1986Returned to Mach III for factory repair, the letters “JHG” were stamped in the housing of this multiple disc friction clutch which is used on an accumulating conveyor.  Under Mach III’s former date coding standard, this means the clutch was manufactured in October, 1987 – 28 years ago!

Designed for use at low air pressure to minimize wear, this clutch provides 2,300 pound inches of torque at just 30PSI and  includes integral 60A21 and 60B21 sprockets.  Mach III also produces combination clutch-brakes with integral double-single sprockets for chain driven live roller conveyor applications requiring a controlled stop to prevent drift of product, pallets or containers.


clock July 12, 2013 05:15 by author Mach III Clutch

NEMA COUPLING CLUTCHMach III’s catalog model NEMA Frame clutches have a female input bore and male output shaft and are designed for coupling motors and gearboxes.  But what do you do when you need to couple two components with output shafts, one metric and one imperial?  Insert a custom designed Mach III clutch with NEMA housing that has a female input on both sides.

Specifications for Product No. C3C2R-002:

  • Torque Rating = 573 @ 80 PSI
  • NEMA Frame Size = 143T/145T
  • Input Bore = 0.875 Inch with Standard Keyway
  • Output Bore = 32mm with Standard Keyway

View the Spec Sheet

Mach III’s custom designs can accommodate a variety of torque and special mounting requirements.  Click below to see other examples:

Imperial to Metric Servo Brake

Torque Limiter with Off-Center Mounting Flanges

Brake with Air Released Coupling Simplifies Process

clock July 3, 2013 02:22 by author Mach III Clutch

Brake with Air Released CouplingAn air engaged friction brake and air released coupling are combined in this custom designed assembly.  The brake stops and holds a roll of material during a laminating process. When the process is complete, the user applies air to the coupling which then slides open. The roll, joined to the coupling with a tang-end shaft, can then be quickly removed. 

The air released coupling is also available as a stand-alone item.  

End of Shaft Mount Clutches With Integral V-Belt Pulleys

clock May 28, 2013 02:38 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III Sheave ClutchesMach III offers all-in-one, easy to install solutions to your clutch needs. One example is our ability to adapt our heavy duty end of shaft mount air engaged friction clutches to accommodate the exact v-belt pulley required by our customers. Clockwise from top left:

  • (4) 5V Groove Pulley
  • (6) 5V Groove Pulley
  • (4) 3V Groove Pulley
  • (2) B Groove Pulley

Connect with Mach III engineering to discuss your application.  

Sealed Clutch With Output Flange For Heavy Wash Down

clock March 11, 2013 14:58 by author Mach III Clutch

A pair of these clutches drive vertically mounted brushes which scrub the sides of a vehicle in an automatic car wash. This clutch had to fill two requirements: (1) operate in an environment where exposure to both water and detergent is constant and (2) support the brush assembly. Mach III Sealed Clutch with Custom Output Flange Below are the special features incorporated into this design:

  • Enclosed, sealed aluminum housing
  • Grease packed under top oil seal and inside the flange housing to prevent water seepage
  • Port in housing for vent tube.  Ventilation prevents the clutch from acting as a pump and drawing water into itself during disengagement.
  • Custom output flange

View Spec Sheet

Custom Combination Air Set Clutch & Air Set Brake

clock February 11, 2013 17:34 by author Mach III Clutch


Mach III’s catalog model clutch-brakes require only one air signal to engage the clutch.  Clutch torque is linear in relationship to air pressure applied.  The brake engages automatically with spring pressure as soon as air is exhausted from the clutch at a fixed value. 

Sometimes, however, a client requires more torque than can be provided with the catalog design.  This custom model incorporates both an air set clutch and air set brake.  The clutch and brake are controlled with  separate air signals (see air inlets marked “B” for brake and “C” for clutch) and torque can be varied in both the clutch and brake portions of the assembly.

See Other Customized Clutch-Brakes

Ultra Compact Friction Clutch With Double-Single Sprockets

clock January 21, 2013 18:00 by author Mach III Clutch

C3D1Q-001Developed as a retrofit replacement for a tooth clutch, this compact air actuated friction clutch provides . . .

  • 208 pound inches torque @ 80 PSI
  • 4.49 inches overall length
  • 1.0 inch bore
  • Double-single 60A19 sprockets
  • Enclosed construction 

. . . and unlike a tooth clutch, it provides a soft start and can be engaged dynamically at higher speeds.

This clutch is designed for use in a chain driven live roller conveyor.

Clutch with Elongated Pilot Provides Proper Pulley Support

clock December 5, 2012 13:01 by author Mach III Clutch

For this low speed application, a Mach III end of shaft mounted clutch with a bronze bushing pilot was required.  The pulley the customer intended to use, however, was too wide for the pilot of the catalog model clutch and would have resulted in an overhung load.  Operating a clutch with an overhung load will cause uneven and premature wear and may result in the clutch “walking” off the shaft. 

Overhung Load

To accommodate the pulley, Mach III produced the pictured clutch which is similar to the catalog model only with an elongated pilot.  The elongated pilot provides proper support for the pulley by centering it over the bronze bushing.  For guidance on proper attachment of sprockets and pulleys, download our eBook:  Mounting Sprockets and Pulleys on Pilot Style Clutches

Covered Tension Brake Is Protected From Overspray

clock November 21, 2012 00:25 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III developed this covered brake, a variation of our SensiFlex® tension control brake, to provide light tension on Mylar film during a coating process. There was a potential for overspray to occur so the brake had to be protected. The brake is pictured both with and without the cover. 

  • 82 Pound Inches Torque @ 80 PSI
  • 5.13 Inch Outside Diameter
  • 2.75 Inch Length
  • 1.125 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway
    • Aluminum Housing 

Mach III makes a variety of covered clutches, brakes and torque limiters. Click below to see examples:

covered, food-safe combination clutch-brake

covered, food-safe torque limiter


High Torque Clutches for Low Pressure Operation

clock November 15, 2012 06:02 by author Mach III Clutch

Used on chain driven live roller conveyors (CDLR), these multi-disc air clutches offer a large amount of torque in a small package. They are designed for operation at low pressure (30 PSI) to maximize wear life and facilitate quick installation with push-in air fitting connections.

3 Inch Model:  362 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 0.75 Inch Bore, 40A20 Sprockets, 5.76 Inches Long x 3.5 Inches Diameter

4 Inch Model1191 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 1.0 Inch Bore, 50A20 Sprockets, 6.73 Inches Long x 4.5 Inches Diameter

5 Inch Model:  2,300 Pound Inches @ 30 PSI, 1.4375 Inch Bore, 60A21 Sprockets, 7.31 Inches Long x 5.73 Inches Diameter

Submit your accumulating conveyor application information using our online form,

or contact our engineering department to discuss your needs.

Custom Designed Puck Brake

clock November 6, 2012 07:23 by author Mach III Clutch

A departure from Mach III’s typical housing geometry and shaft mounted designs, these spring applied – air released puck brakes were developed for a manufacturer of web finishing and processing equipment.


  • 194 pounds force at 0.25” clamp Brake on Machine
  • 85 – 90 PSI full release
  • Dimensions 2.0” x 2.0” x 2.812”  

So, if you did not see anything on this website that looks like what you need, it does not mean that Mach III cannot or has not manufactured it.  To date, Mach III has designed and manufactured more than 2000 custom designs. 


Servo Motor Brake With Metric Input and Imperial Output

clock August 6, 2012 17:52 by author Mach III Clutch

D8C2K-001_A_PA manufacturer of thermoforming machines needed a holding brake. They wanted to continue to use a servo motor made in Japan and a gear reducer made in the USA but no one offered a brake that could go between  the different faces of the two components. Faced with either costly design changes or abandoning one of these trusted components, the OEM approached Mach III for a solution.

Mach III solved the dilemma with this spring applied, air released friction brake.  The output side of the brake (top photo) has a 1.625 Inch Shaft with standard keyseat to connect to the USA-made imperial gear box. The input side (bottom photo) has a 55mm bore and  features a locking collar which connects the brake to the Japanese metric motor.



Coupling Clutch For Keyless Locking Device Connection

clock July 12, 2012 10:15 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III offers a variety of catalog models for shaft-to-shaft coupling.  Those catalog models provide shaft attachment with a keyway and set screw. 

For this application, the customer wanted to attach the coupling half to the shaft using a keyless frictional locking device.  Mach III outfitted a catalog model through shaft pilot mount clutch, C5A2R-STH, with a custom designed coupling. 

Keyless Frictional Locking Device

Would a custom design make your assembly process easier? Mach III has custom adapters and couplings options for many catalog models. 


Custom Design Solutions: Clutch with Undersized Pulley

clock June 28, 2012 17:31 by author Mach III Clutch

For a laminating machine, the customer required Mach III’s catalog model 58PI SensiFlex tension control clutch. However, the machine design called for a 44 tooth, 5M belt pulley that was too small in diameter to 58PI--ADPTR-020-WEB5fit on the clutch’s 2.75 inch diameter pilot. The solution to this dilemma is a custom adapter including a P44-5M-25 pulley that bolts to the 58PI pilot. The set screws which fix the clutch to the shaft are accessed through a hole in the adapter.

Mach III has the capability to supply custom adapters and couplings for many catalog models.

Custom Design Solutions: Tension Brake for Constrained Space

clock June 8, 2012 16:26 by author Mach III Clutch

The brake pictured is designed for a machine that requires a slip brake to maintain tension on spool of transformer wire but has a very narrow envelope in which to accommodate it.

  • Torque Capacity:  575 Pound Inches @ 80 PSI
  • Overall Length:  1.74 Inches, Outside Diameter:  7.25 Inches
  • Bore Size:  1.5 Inches
  • Vented top plate dissipates heat generated by constant slip.

View the Spec Sheet

Custom Design Solutions: Special C-Face Mounting

clock June 8, 2012 11:57 by author Mach III Clutch

C3C2P-001Mach III designs and manufactures clutches, brakes and torque limiters in custom c-face configurations.  In this example, the customer needed a device to limit the torque between the motor and a coupling which was used to fasten a cap.  The customer required the torque setting to be adjustable.

Mach III suggested an air engaged clutch.  The customer would be able to adjust the torque applied to the capper coupling by increasing or decreasing the air pressure supplied C3C2P-001 001to the clutch.  When the capper met resistance, the clutch would slip.

Unique in this application was the motor face which required that the clutch mounting flanges be off-center from the clutch housing.  The motor and capper coupling were sent to Mach III so the dimensions could be verified.  The second photograph shows the finished clutch in place between the motor and capper coupling.

Custom Design Solutions: Foot Bracket Mounted Clutch-Brake

clock June 8, 2012 10:43 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III commonly modifies catalog products and designs entirely unique assemblies to match customer’sBinder Clutch mounting requirements.  In this example, Mach III’s customer sought an alternative for the electric combination clutch-brake shown on the right.  The original unit was manufactured outside the US, was costly and had a unacceptably long lead time.  After obtaining the application specs to determine the required clutch and brake torque, Mach III designed a drop-in replacement.  Time to complete the application review, design process and production of the unit was just 5 weeks.

Custom Model:  X5M1H-001X5M1H-001 013

  • Combination Air Engaged Clutch and Spring Engaged Brake
  • Clutch Torque Capacity:  741 pound inches @ 80 PSI
  • Brake Torque Rating:  163 pound inches (spring set) with 20-25 PSI release
  • 20mm Diameter Output Shafts with Standard Keyseat


Contact our engineering department to start working on a custom design solution that meets the special needs of your application.  Click Here for contact links.

Custom Design Solutions: Pilot Mounted Sheaves

clock June 4, 2012 12:33 by author Mach III Clutch

Friction clutches from Mach III Clutch, Inc. can be shipped complete with a pilot mounted sheave. In some cases, the sheave is manufactured by Mach III and fitted onto a catalog unit. In other cases, the length or diameter of the sheave may require modification of the unit to provide the proper support. Below are examples of each.C8D3K-STH--C8A2K-STH-P025-003_thumb2


The customer who purchased this C8D3K-STH heavy duty, end of shaft mounted friction clutch required a 15 Inch O.D. 3-5V groove sheave on the pilot. Mach III manufactured both the clutch and sheave and shipped the complete assembly within four weeks.




The customer who purchased this unit needed something similar to the catalog model C6D3K-STH, but with a 7.0 Inch diameter, 4-5V groove sheave which was too long and too small a diameter to fit on the pilot of the standard model. Mach III modified the catalog design by lengthening the unit and making the sheave an integral component mounted on bearings directly on the drive hub.


In addition to providing the required sheave, Mach III offers every catalog product with a range of bore and keyway sizes so customers are not required to modify their shaft or use bushings to obtain the correct fit. Also shipped with a rotary air fitting, these clutches are both out-of-the-box ready for quick installation.

Contact our engineering department to discuss your pulley, sprocket or sheave requirements. Click Here for contact links.

Custom Design Solutions: Special Adapter & Torque Requirement

clock June 1, 2012 14:12 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III frequently modifies catalog products to accommodate mounting and torque capacity requirements.  Here is an example:

M5R2K-STHCatalog Model:  MBR2K-STH

  • Double Disc, Air Actuated Heavy Duty Friction Clutch Mechanism
  • Torque Rating:  21,200 pound inches @ 80 PSI
  • Mechanism Bore:  Any size specified by customer to 3.5 Inch Maximum with Standard Keyway
  • Standard Adapter with 8.563 Inch Bolt Circle
  • Lead Time:  4 Weeks


Custom Model:  MBR3K-001

  • Triple Disc, Air Actuated Heavy Duty Friction Clutch Mechanism
  • Torque Rating:  31,800 pound inches @ 80 PSI
  • Mechanism Bore: 2-15/16 Inch with Standard Keyway
  • Custom Flange Adapter with 14.0 Inch Bolt Circle
  • Lead Time: 5 weeks

Contact our engineering department to start working on a custom design solution for your application. 

Nothing Else Compares For Narrow Web Converting

clock February 8, 2012 11:22 by author Mach III Clutch

Which is Why Caulder Converting Uses SensiFlex®SensiFlex® Tension Control Clutch Air Flow Illustration

Having founded Caulder Converting (Hendersonville, NC) as a contract converting company, Dennis Caulder knew first hand the frustration of working with clutches and brakes that engaged at too high a pressure and then pulsed or cogged during operation.  He sought to eliminate such problems when his company started manufacturing converting equipment of it’s own.  While searching the web in 2007, he came across Mach III’s SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes. Interested by the fact that SensiFlex® was specifically designed for converting applications, he decided to try a 58PI clutch for a press that he was building. Since that time, Caulder Converting has used Mach III clutches and brakes on all of its presses. Caulder Converting Eleven Anvil PressAccording to Dennis, “Nothing else compares for narrow web converting.”

Caulder Converting uses a component-type design allowing them to layout and build each press tailored to their customer’s needs. Their most recent project is the eleven anvil, seven inch press pictured here. Designed to produce a multi-layered medical device, this variable speed press runs from 40 to 50 feet per minute.  The press incorporates a total of twenty two SensiFlex® clutches and brakes including the 58PI shown below.SensiFlex® 58PI Tension Control Clutch

To see why quality conscious OEMs like Caulder Converting choose SensiFlex® tension control clutches and brakes, click below to view a side by side comparison of the smooth operation and responsive performance of the SensiFlex® 58PI clutch versus a competitor’s clutch.

SensiFlex® versus The Competition

Mach III works with OEMs on new equipment and with end users needing retrofit solutions for existing machinery.  

Contact our engineering department for immediate assistance.

Conway 858-14 Stationaire Clutch Mechanism Replacement

clock November 15, 2011 13:56 by author Mach III Clutch


Motion Industries contacted Mach III Clutch searching for a replacement for a Conway 858-14 Stationaire Clutch Mechanism sought by a paper mill.  The original clutch and adapter are underneath the guard in the picture on the right.  After reviewing the application along with photographs and drawings provided by the customer, Mach III designed the MBR3K-001.  An eleven inch friction diameter clutch with a 2.9375 Inch bore, the MBR3K-001 assembly (pictured below) includes both the clutch mechanism and a custom adapter flange.   The design is a variation of Mach III’s catalog model Heavy Duty Clutch Mechanism.  Mach III frequently adapts catalog models to match the specifications and mounting requirements of the application.  Lead times for such customization are typically only a week longer than for catalog products.

Mach III has assisted a number of customers seeking items no longer available from Conway Clutch.  While it is helpful to know the model number of the current Conway unit, it is more important to understand how the clutch is mounted and the function it is required to perform.  Digital photos or a sketch of the clutch and how it relates to the existing drive train are particularly useful.  For assistance replacing a Conway clutch or with any retrofit application, contact Mach III’s engineering department.

Replacements for Conway Clutch Units

clock October 1, 2011 12:32 by author Mach III Clutch

Trying to find a replacement for a Conway Clutch product that is no longer manufactured?  Mach III Clutch can provide a solution that fits your current application and mounting requirements. Mach III catalog standard clutches displayed on this website are similar in design and function to Conway Clutches but are not typically suited for direct replacement without some modification.

Our engineering department will be glad to assist you with a replacement solution. While it is helpful to know the current Conway Clutch model number, it is also important that we understand how the clutch is mounted and the function it is performing.  Digital photographs of clutch and how it relates the existing drive are also useful.

Examples of Conway Replacements:

Conway 858 Series Clutch/Brake Combination

Conway 858-14 Stationaire Clutch

Mach III Brake Used In Medical Device Sterilization

clock September 22, 2011 14:15 by author Mach III Clutch

If you’ve witnessed any type medical procedure or even had a simple blood test you have seen sterilized supplies and instruments removed from packages. These could be items as simple asmedical devices bandages and swabs or as complex as surgical kits, drug coated stents or heart bypass valves. There are a variety of ways those items became sterile. One possibility is that they were processed through an Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer designed and manufactured by Getinge UK. In such a system, items are placed in a sterilization chamber after they are manufactured, packaged and palletized. Inside the chamber, ethylene oxide gas penetrates the paper or plastic packaging and chemically sterilizes the items.

airsetbrakes Getinge engineer, Simon Butler, contacted Mach III Clutch, Inc. in search of a brake to hold the drive shaft in place on the automated shuttles that load and unload pallets into and out of the sterilization chamber. His working design called for a disc brake but due to design constraints on a specific project, he was seeking something more compact. After reviewing the application thoroughly with Mach III’s engineering department, a B3F2R-STH air engaged friction brake was selected. With a torque rating of 267 pound inches versus the 177 pound inches delivered by the disc brake, the B3F2R-STH provided an improvement in stopping time and holding capacity. When air is exhausted from the system, the Mach III brake also gives the user the ability to manually move the shuttle without causing any back drive against the motor which is useful during maintenance.

getinge cropThe Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer systems are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Since Mach III bores all catalogue products to customer specifications,  B3F2R-STH brakes are shipped to Getinge finished with 20 mm H7 Class bores with 6 mm keyways. Systems using Mach III brakes are in operation in Finland and West Virginia. Two systems in progress are destined for Mexico and the UK. During a follow up to see how the brakes were performing, Simon Butler stated,

“As system designer I’ve been pleased with the performance of the brake - it’s compact size has also been a benefit to our system, allowing a greatly reduced overall system height.”

Mach III is pleased to have Getinge UK as a customer and we thank Simon Butler for providing photos and participating in this story.

Spring Set Clutches Used In Universal Studios Attraction

clock February 8, 2011 16:37 by author Mach III Clutch

The Lights Camera Action attraction at Universal Studios Singapore provides visitors the experience of being on a film-production soundstage. The soundstage is set to simulate the scene from inside a waterfront boathouse in New York City during a category 5 hurricane. Visitors experience a scene filled with wind, rain, explosions, fire, and objects falling from the ceiling. Mach III clutches were used in the drive system that allowed elements of the scene (boats and steel girders) to free-fall into the water during the performance and then be quickly reset to their original positions before the arrival of the next visitors.

Skip ahead to 2:30 minutes to see the falling elements.

The elements which fall during the performance are suspended by cables. The cables are attached to winches that are driven by Mach III clutches. Spring engaged-air release clutches were selected based on the functional requirements. Since the clutches are spring applied, they remain engaged in the absence of air pressure. While a braking system assures that the winches are held in place, the engaged clutches provide redundancy. When the brake is released, air is simultaneously applied to the clutch to release it. The winch drums are then freed and the suspended element comes splashing down into the water. Mach III Spring Set Clutch

Click Here for specs on the Mach III E8D3K-STH and EBD4K-STH clutches used in this application.

Food Safe Combination Air Set Clutch - Air Set Brake

clock August 17, 2010 17:35 by author Mach III Clutch

A manufacturer of food packaging equipment contacted Mach III looking for a combination clutch brake which would stop and start a pinch roll shaft with constant input from an attached pulley. The clutch/brake had to meet the following special requirements:Food Safe Clutch Brake

  • covered & made of food-safe materials
  • end of shaft, flange mounting
  • capable of handling the pulley belt load on the unsupported end

The unit Mach III designed and manufactured was built from anodized aluminum, stainless steel and electroless nickel plated parts and food grade grease. To support the overhung belt load special bearings are used between the housing and drive hub. The clutch brake is attached to the machine frame using the tapped holes in the end plate. This combination air set clutch/air set brake is rated at 286 lb-in clutch and 143 lb-in brake at 80 PSI and is only 4-1/4” in diameter.

Mach III’s engineering department is available for assistance with selection of products for special environments.  

Custom Design Solutions: Metric To Imperial Servo Motor Brake

clock June 8, 2010 15:38 by author Mach III Clutch

A manufacturer of plastic thermoforming machinery needed a replacement for a troublesome caliper brake but no manufacturer offered a servo brake that would match D8C2K-001 004the Japanese built servo drive (metric) and a U.S. made gear reducer (imperial).  Mach III saved the OEM the expense of modifying the machine design by creating a c-face, spring applied brake to fit between the two components.  This example has a 55 mm input bore and a 1.625 Inch output shaft.  Torque rating:  6400 pound inches, 58 PSI release.

Contact our engineering department to start working on a custom design solution for your application. Click Here for contact links.

Taming the Gorilla

clock November 18, 2009 11:41 by author Mach III Clutch

Mach III was contacted by a facility which uses large manually operated control valves. The quarter-turn valves are driven through right angle worm reducers by hand operated chain wheels. Due to the unfortunate fact that human beings are not equipped with torque sensors in their muscles, costly downtime failures were occurring when excess force was applied to the worm reducer via the chain wheel. Working with the facility's engineer, Mach III designed a special, keyless, friction torque limiter to connect the chain wheel to the reducer shaft. 

T4B2H-001 with Chain Wheel AssemblyIn addition to designing and manufacturing the torque limiter, Mach III also provided the customer with a mounting diagram including suggested dimensions for machining their existing chain wheel to accept the new device. Although Mach III offers the service of machining existing mating components, in this case the customer's shop felt comfortable with the task. The torque limiter was successfully installed and adjusted to a setting where it would slip to protect the worm reducer when the shop gorilla swings on the chain.

Those accustomed to working with other clutch suppliers might assume that only an application promising considerable quantities would merit this level of attention. But this customer needed only three torque limiters, and spent just about one thousand dollars. So what is the motivation? A report from the customer that the new system "worked perfectly".

If  you've got a nagging issue needing a clutch, brake or torque limiter solution and are concerned that no one will think it's worth their while, give Mach III a call. We know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Conway 858 Series Clutch/Brake Combination Replacement

clock October 30, 2009 13:28 by author Mach III Clutch

The photograph below shows a pair of Conway 858 series clutch mechanisms used on a Norton Hyprolap lapping machine.  Both units are mounted on a common shaft with one acting as a brake and the other as a clutch.  Due to the design of the machine, diameter and length were very limited.  To provide a drop-in replacement, Mach III created the M5R2K-001 clutch mechanism (link to drawing below) by combining the catalog-standard M5R2K-STH clutch mechanism with a custom designed adapter.  The pair cost the owner of this machine less than $2,000.00 USD and saved the additional expense of machine modification.

Mach III has assisted a number of customers seeking items no longer available from Conway Clutch.  While it is helpful to know the model number of the current Conway unit, it is more important to understand how the clutch is mounted and the function it is required to perform.  Digital photos like those on the right or a sketch of the clutch and how it relates to the existing drive train are extremely useful.  Contact Mach III for assistance replacing a Conway clutch or with any retrofit application.



M5R2K-001 OUTLINE ASSEMBLY.pdf (175.09 kb)

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