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Overload Protection For Sprag Clutch

Designed to attach directly to a size 600 Renold sprag clutch, this unit provides a torque capacity of 6,500 pound inches and is less than 4.5 inches long.

Torque Limiter With Female Pilot

Capable of a slip torque setting of 6,140 pound inches, this torque limiter bolts to a flange that is used for testing valves.

Self-Aligning Torque Coupling

With a torque setting of 8,000 pound inches, this coupling provides overload protection and the design assists with shaft alignment during installation.

IEC Frame Torque Limiter

Factory set to slip at 105 pound inches (+/- 10%), this torque limiter has flange connections to interface with IEC 90-B5 frame components.

Square Input and Output

Made of stainless steel and entirely enclosed, this mechanical torque limiter has a 24mm square output shaft and a 24mm input socket.  

Torque Limiter Inside The Pulley

This small, space saving design incorporates a 28LX037 timing belt pulley and provides overload protection between the pulley and a 9mm shaft.   

Hand Adjustable Torque Limiter

Half inch slot output holds a roll of film on a laminator and a knurled knob allows the operator to make manual adjustment to the tension on the film. 

Reamer Holder – Torque Limiter Combo

Integral torque limiter prevents the tool from breaking if the reamer is jammed. #1 Morse taper input and #2 Morse taper output. 

Customized Overload Protection Solutions

Friction torque limiters provide simple, cost effective, bi-directional protection of higher cost components. The units slip whenever torque in excess of a pre-set amount is experienced and continue to slip until the overload ceases. No operator intervention is required to reset the unit.

Custom Clutch-Brakes

From slight modifications of our catalog models to completely clean sheet creations, Mach III specializes in creating custom clutch-brake designs. Through collaboration with our engineers, clients receive precise solutions for their new machine design or retrofit application. Below are examples of some of the custom friction clutch-brakes Mach III has manufactured.