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Metric to Imperial Hybrid Brake

Servo brake has a 55mm input bore which attaches to a Japanese-made servo motor and a 1-5/8 inch output shaft attached to a US-made gearbox.

Low Backlash Servo Brake

Locking collars connect both sides of this servo brake designed with low backlash for connection to an Allen Bradley servo motor and a Apex planetary gearbox.  

Keyless Input – Keyed Output Brake

The input bore with locking collar attaches to a Yaskawa SGMGV-IE 15kw servo motor and the output shaft with keyseat connects to a Lenze gearbox. 

Air Motor to IEC Hybrid Brake

Custom Flanged Failsafe Brake

This servo brake connects to a Dyna-Torque 7 air motor with a ½ inch shaft and an IEC 100-B5 flanged gear reducer. 

Vertical Mount Metric Brake

Designed with a positive release feature, this servo brake can be mounted in a vertical orientation. It has metric dimensions and a ¼-19 BSPT air inlet. 

213TC to 182TC NEMA Hybrid Brake

Servo brake connects two different NEMA frame sized components; a 213TC frame servo motor and 182TC frame gear box.

Alpha Fanuc Input Servo Brake

This servo brake has a 35mm bore and geometry on the input side to connect to a Alpha Fanuc motor. The output side has a 38mm shaft which is connected to a ball screw.

Yaskawa Motor to IEC Hybrid Brake

The input side of this brake connects to a Yaskawa SGMVV-2BD3B6N servo motor and the output side bolts directly to a IEC 160-B5 flange gearbox. 

Brake with Extra Large Bore

Brake with Extra Large Bore

This air engaged unit applies 374 inch pounds of brake torque to a 2.875 inch shaft while taking up only 2.55 inches of axial space on the machine. 

Brake For Meat Processing Conveyor

Brake For Meat Processing Conveyor

Used in a pork processing plant, this brake used on a carcass transport conveyor is constructed for durability in a washdown environment.