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Ultra-Compact Clutch

Developed to fit within a narrow space on a riffle-drilled shaft in a coil winding machine, this air engaged clutch is just 2.14 inches long.   

Low Pressure Conveyor Clutch

 This quadruple disc clutch requires only 30 psi to produce the required torque so it requires little to no maintenance and lasts for decades.  

Sealed Clutch with Spider Coupling

Air engaged, sealed clutch with all-aluminum housing is used in a wash-down environment. Output mates to a Lovejoy L150 spider coupling.

Integral 6 Groove Pulley

A six groove, 5V-belt pulley is machined into the housing of this air engaged clutch with a torque rating of 7,400 pound inches.

Air Cooled Clutch

For an application where the clutch must slip but also must be enclosed, this clutch has a special dual port rotary seal to allow two air connections. 

High Torque Clutch with Female Pilot

With a 3.0 Inch Bore and 42,000 pound inches of torque, this air engaged clutch is built for heavy duty use. The pilot is tapped to accept eight 3/8-16 bolts. 

Covered Clutch with Integral Pulley

The aluminum housing completely incases this air engaged clutch and an integral 38 degree A groove pulley makes installation a snap. 

Clutch with Custom Adapter

Designed for a retrofit upgrade, this air engaged clutch mechanism has a custom adapter which attaches to a flywheel on a four-slide machine.   

Heavy-Duty Flexible Clutch Coupling

Spring engaged clutch supplies nearly 11,000 pound inches of torque until released with air. The flexible coupling connects a 1.75 and 2.0 inch shaft. 

Space Saving Integral Spool

This clutch is mounted on a 1.0 inch motor shaft and winds a cloth strap which pulls a 1,000 pound object when engaged with compressed air.