Customized Overload Protection Solutions

Friction torque limiters provide simple, cost effective, bi-directional protection of higher cost components. The units slip whenever torque in excess of a pre-set amount is experienced and continue to slip until the overload ceases. No operator intervention is required to reset the unit.

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Mach III specializes in providing torque limiters for applications where no other solution exists. Some are slight modifications of our catalog models; others are completely unique creations. Our files contain nearly 400 torque limiters that were designed and manufactured for application requirements such as water-resistance, tight space constraints, food-safety, non-standard or dissimilar flange connections, on-the-fly adjustability, and more.

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Applied ByFunctionTorque Capacity (Lb-In)Bore SizeSpecial FeaturesDetail Sheet
SpringOverload Protection63Taper Reamer holder with integral torque limiter to prevent the tool from breaking if it is jammed. #1 Morse Taper Male Input and #2 Female Output. Product Number T2G1R-001.