Shaft Input Tension Control Clutches

SensiFlex® Patented Tension Control Technology

Engineered to deliver precision control of web tension without sticking, pulsing or cogging.


  • Friction clutch engages with air pressure and is designed for continous slip.
  • Clutch is spring released when air is exhausted.
  • Torque is linear in response to air pressure applied.


  • Through/Mid Shaft or End of Shaft.
  • Anti-rotation arm arm required to prevent rotation of the air housing.
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Bored to suit up to the maximum shown for easy installation.


  • For tension control applications requiring the clutch to drive a pilot mounted pulley, sprocket, or coupling when engaged.
  • Cooling sleeve rotates with the shaft at the speed of the drive input.
  • Shaft input clutches can also be used as brakes by fixing the pilot to the machine frame or other stationary surface.
  • If clutch will drive the shaft when engaged see the SensiFlex┬« Pilot Input model.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

Design Features

  • Exclusive, patented actuator engages smoothly at low pressures and provides maximum sensitivity to slight changes in air pressure for infinite control of torque output.
  • Radial cooling holes pull cooler, ambient air through the clutch or brake to dissipate the heat generated by constant slip, preventing friction lining fade and premature wear.
Product CodeTorque @ 80 PSI Heat Dissipation @ 1800 RPMMaximum Bore with Standard KeywayDetail Sheet Request 3D CAD Model
38SI-ULOW 36 lb-in0.08 tHP0.625 in (16 mm) View PDFRequest
38SI66 lb-in0.08 tHP0.625 in (16 mm) View PDFRequest
58SI-ULOW 122 lb-in0.27 tHP1.000 in (24 mm) View PDFRequest
58SI 222 lb-in0.27 tHP1.000 in (24mm)View PDFRequest
78SI-ULOW 326 lb-in 0.54 tHP1.375 in (38 mm)View PDFRequest
78SI593 lb-in0.54 tHP1.375 in (38 mm)View PDFRequest
98SI-ULOW 668 lb-in0.83 tHP1.875 in (50 mm)View PDFRequest
98SI1,214 lb-in0.83 tHP1.875 in (50 mm)View PDFRequest
118SI-ULOW 1,296 lb-in1.46 tHP2.250 in (62 mm)View PDFRequest
118SI2,356 lb-in1.46 tHP2.250 in (62 mm)View PDFRequest