Spring Engaged Clutch – Through Shaft

Spring Engaged Clutch – Through Shaft

Through Shaft Bored, Pilot Mount Friction Clutches

Function: Connect, Disconnect
Drive Arrangement: Shaft to Pilot Mounted Component or Pilot Mounted Component to Shaft


  • Friction clutch is applied with spring pressure.
  • A fixed amount of torque is transmitted.
  • To release clutch, air pressure is applied to overcome the spring pressure.


  • Through Shaft/Mid Shaft or End of Shaft.
  • Spring applied friction clutch slides on shaft and is fixed with set screws and a customer supplied key
  • Anti-rotation arm required.
  • Clutch is designed for horizontal mounting. If vertical mounting is required, consult engineering for options.


  • Spring applied friction clutches are suitable for applications requiring the clutch to remain engaged in the absence of air pressure or during a loss of power.
  • Not suitable for cycling applications.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

Design Features

  • Made to order, bored to fit the shaft size you specify up to the maximum shown for easy installation.
  • Machined pilot for easy mounting of pulley or sprocket.
Product Code TorqueRelease PressureMaximum Bore with Standard Keyway Detail SheetRequest 3D CAD Model
E3A2R-STH 509 lb-in74 PSI1.000 in (24 mm)View PDFRequest
E4A2R-STH 1,086 lb-in75 PSI1.250 in (31 mm) View PDFRequest
E5A2R-STH 2,502 lb-in75 PSI1.438 in (38 mm)View PDFRequest
E5A2K-STH 3,133 lb-in75 PSI1.563 in (40 mm) View PDFRequest
E6A2G-STH4,723 lb-in78 PSI2.000 in (52 mm) View PDFRequest
E6A2K-STH 4,723 lb-in 78 PSI2.000 in (52 mm) View PDFRequest
E8A2K-STH 8,324 lb-in77 PSI2.500 in (66 mm) View PDFRequest
EAA2K-STH 13,182 lb-in76 PSI2.750 in (72 mm) View PDFRequest
EBA2K-STH 23,733 lb-in77 PSI3.500 in (95 mm)View PDFRequest