Mechanical Friction Torque Limiter - NEMA Frame

Mechanical Friction Torque Limiter – NEMA Frame

Overload Protection Between Motor and Gear Box or Other Flanged Components

Function: Overload Protection
Drive Arrangement: Motor to Gear Reducer (Gear Box)


Continuously engaged friction torque limiter slips when torque setting is exceeded. Continues to slip until overload ceases.


  • Momentary overload protection.
  • Torque limiters are not recommended in continuous slip or tension control applications. A SensiFlex® tension control clutch or brake should be used instead.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

Design Features

  • No reset required after torque limiter slips.
  • Enclosed design with aluminum, clear anodized aluminum or stainless steel housing.
  • Torque setting is factory set at value specified by user.
  • Torque adjustment nut can not be manipulated without disassembly of the housing.


  • Models listed  have enclosed, aluminum housings
  • Clear anodized and stainless housing are also available. If needed, please contact engineering.
Product Code Maximum Recommended Torque SettingNEMA Frame Size Output Shaft & Input BoreDetail Sheet Request 3D CAD Model
T3C2H-56L 792 lb-in56C0.625 inView PDFRequest
T3C2H-14L792 lb-in143TC, 145TC 0.875 inView PDFRequest
T4C2H-18L1,406 lb-in182TC, 184TC1.125 inView PDFRequest
T4C2H-21L 1,406 lb-in213TC, 215TC 1.375 in View PDFRequest