NEMA Frame Clutch-Brakes

NEMA Frame Clutch-Brakes

Combination Air Applied Clutch and Spring Applied Brake

Function: Starting and Stopping / Holding The Output Shaft
Drive Arrangement: Motor to Gear Reducer (or Output Shaft Mounted Component)


  • Applying air pressure releases the spring applied friction brake and engages the friction clutch.
  • Torque of the clutch is linear in response to air pressure applied above the brake release pressure.
  • Brake torque is fixed by spring pressure.


  • Clutch Brake mounts between a c-face motor and gear reducer.
  • or, Mounts to motor with a pulley or sprocket on the output shaft (see Detail Sheet for overhung load capacity).
  • Clutch Brakes are designed for horizontal mounting. Consult engineering if vertical mounting is required.


  • Start/Stop, Cycling, Indexing.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model and is listed on the PDF detail sheet (see table below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

Design Features

  • Clutch and brake combined in one unit for simplified mounting and control.
  • Models listed have enclosed, aluminum housings.
  • Clear anodized and stainless housing are also available. If needed, please contact engineering.
  • Suitable for belt or chain drive (sprocket or pulley) applications.
Product No. Clutch Torque @ 80 PSI Spring Set Brake TorqueBrake Release PressureNEMA Frame Size Output Shaft & Input BoreDetail Sheet Request 3D CAD Model
X5C2R-56H 495 lb-in197 lb-in20-30 PSI56C 0.625 inView PDFRequest
X5C2R-14H 495 lb-in197 lb-in20-30 PSI143TC, 145TC 0.875 inView PDFRequest
X7C2R-18H 1,032 lb-in 395 lb-in20-30 PSI 182TC, 184TC 1.125 inView PDFRequest
X7C2R-21H 1,032 lb-in 395 lb-in20-30 PSI213TC, 215TC 1.375 inView PDFRequest