Mechanical Friction Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Couplings

Mechanical Friction Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Couplings

Overload Protection Between Two Supported Shafts with No Angular or Parallel Misalignment

Function: Overload Protection
Drive Arrangement: Shaft to Shaft, No Angular Misalignment and/or Parallel Offset


  • Continuously engaged friction torque limiter slips when the torque setting is exceeded. Continues to slip until the overload ceases.
  • Each half of the assembly, (1) torque limiter mechanism and (2) the coupling/sleeve assembly, is attached to a fully supported shaft.
  • The tabs on the outside of the friction discs in the mechanism slide into the slots in the coupling/sleeve assembly, creating a connection for the transfer of rotary motion from one shaft to the other.

IMPORTANT: If precise alignment of the two shafts cannot be obtained, consider a flexible torque coupling model.


  • Momentary overload protection.
  • Torque limiters are not recommended in continuous slip or tension control applications. Consider a SensiFlex® tension control clutch or brake.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

Design Features

  • No reset is required after torque limiter slips.
  • The slip torque setting can be adjusted.
  • Both the torque limiter mechanism and coupling/sleeve assembly are bored and keyed to fit any shaft size up to the maximum shown (US & Metric).
Product CodeMaximum Recommended Torque SettingMaximum Bore with Standard KeywayDetail SheetRequest 3D CAD Model
V2G2R-STL 200 lb-in0.500 in (12 mm) View PDFRequest
V3G2H-STL 792 lb-in1.000 in (24 mm) View PDFRequest
V4G2H-STL 1,406 lb-in1.250 in (31 mm) View PDFRequest
V5G2H-STL 2,736 lb-in1.438 in (38 mm)View PDFRequest
V6G1G-STL 3,070 lb-in2.000 in (52 mm) View PDFRequest
V6G2G-STL 6,140 lb-in2.000 in (52 mm)View PDFRequest
V8G1K-STL 6,066 lb-in2.500 in (66 mm)View PDFRequest
V8G2K-STL 12,132 lb-in2.500 in (66 mm)View PDFRequest