Mechanical Friction Torque Limiters


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  • Catalog model torque limiters can be modified to accommodate special application requirements
  • No minimum order quantities for modified & custom products
  • Delivery times average only one week longer than catalog models
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Torque Limiter

Mach III friction torque limiters are designed to transmit a fixed amount of torque from one machine component to another until an overload is experienced. When that torque is exceeded, the friction torque limiter slips until the overload ceases.

Types of Torque Limiters Available from Mach III

All Mach III torque limiters are friction type torque limiters. They do not disenage upon overload. A means of sensing and stopping the overload condition must be in place or a friction torque limiter will continue to slip, eventually overheating to the point where it is unfit for continued use.

Mounting Options for Mach III Torque Limiters

  • Through and End of Shaft Pilot Mount Torque Limiters
    Connect a sprocket, pulley or v-belt sheave mounted on the pilot of the torque limter to a shaft.
  • Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Adapters
    Connect a fully supported shaft to a bearing mounted pulley, gear or other mating component.
  • Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Couplings
    Connect two fully supported shafts that are in precise angular and parallel alignment.
  • Flexible Torque Limiter Couplings
    Connect two fully supported shafts that have a slight amount of angular misalignment and/or parallel offset.
  • NEMA Frame Torque Limiters
    Connect a c-face motor and gear reducer.

Mach III Torque Limiter Features

  • Mach III Torque Limiters are easy to manually adjust
  • Factory torque setting available
  • Specifiable bore sizes up to the maximum shown for each torque limiter (US & Metric) for easy installation
  • Required pulleys, sprockets and v-belt sheaves can be installed on any torque limiter at the factory