SensiFlex® Tension Control Clutches & Brakes

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Air Engaged Friction Clutches & Brakes Designed Specifically For Tension Control

SensiFlex® Application

SensiFlex® clutches and brakes are designed for one purpose – tension control. They are not standard clutches and brakes that have been repurposed for tension control by substituting a low coefficient friction pad. SensiFlex® clutches and brakes engage at low pressures and are capable of a broad range of torque output. They supply the processing flexibility demanded from today’s narrow web converting machinery without sticking, pulsing or cogging.

View the video to see the smooth, SensiFlex® clutch in action.


SensiFlex® Features

    Exclusive, patented actuator engages smoothly at low pressures and provides maximum sensitivity to slight changes in air pressure for infinite control of torque output.
    Radial cooling holes pull cooler, ambient air through the clutch or brake to dissipate the heat generated by constant slip, preventing friction lining fade and premature wear.
    Smoothness is assured through precision machined components, a single friction surface and a dual bearing pilot that minimizes deflection.
    Each unit is supplied with a customer selected bore size and keyway for simple, slide-on-the-shaft installation with a single air line connection. Requires no maintenance until friction lining is worn, which is easily replaced in the field.
  • Airflow
  • Airflow Brake

SensiFlex® Options

SensiFlex® clutches and brakes dissipate heat most effectively when the cooling sleeve rotates at the speed of the drive input. Choose the style best suited to your machine design or retrofit requirements.


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SensiFlex® PI - Pilot Input Pneumatic Clutches

  • Drives shaft when engaged
  • Cooling sleeve rotates with pilot mounted sprocket, pulley or coupling at the speed of the drive input

SensiFlex® SI - Shaft Input Pneumatic Clutches

  • Drives pilot mounted pulley, sprocket or coupling when engaged
  • Cooling sleeve rotates with shaft at the speed of the drive input
  • Use as a brake by fixing the pilot to the machine frame or other stationary surface

SensiFlex® FM - Foot Mount Pneumatic Clutches

  • Has input and output shaft connections
  • Clutch drives output shaft when engaged
  • Input shaft and cooling sleeve rotate at the speed of the drive input

SensiFlex® BK - Shaft Mount Pneumatic Brakes

  • Provides tension on and stopping of an unwind shaft
  • Brake is shaft mounted, flange is fixed to the machine frame or a bracket

SensiFlex® Quality

  • Precision machined components made from solid bar stock – no castings used
  • Each SensiFlex® clutch and brake unit is individually tested for smoothness prior to shipment

SensiFlex® Support

Mach III’s factory based engineering department provides assistance selecting the proper SensiFlex® pneumatic clutch or pneumatic brake. Click below for contact information or application submission:

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