Morse Taper Input Mechanical Friction Torque Coupling

Continuously Engaged, Momentary Overload Protection

  • Mechanically adjustable, continuously engaged friction torque limiter slips in the event of an overload
  • Torque at which limiter will slip can be specified and set at factory and is field adjustable through the tightening or loosening of a nut
  • Adjustment nut is locked in place by a set screw when desired torque setting is established
  • Torque limiter connects to #3 Morse taper socket
  • Output connects to a shaft or nut depending on specified coupling
  • Momentary overload protection
  • Torque limiters are not recommended in continuous slip or tension control applications. A SensiFlex® clutch or brake should be used instead.
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM
Design Features
  • No reset required after torque limiter slips
  • Torque limiter can be fitted with a variety of interchangeable Mach III supplied couplings
Morse Taper Input Torque Limiter

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Product No. Maximum
Torque Setting
Input Length (Inches) Outside Diameter (Inches) Detail Sheet Request 3D CAD Model
T4X2R-STH 2796 #3 Morse Taper 6.90 4.48 View PDF request


Output Product No. Request 3D CAD Model
0.75 Inch Square COUPL-029 request
0.75 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway COUPL-030 request
1.00 Inch Bore with Standard Keyway COUPL-031 request
2.0 Inch Square (Fits AWWA 2 Inch Nut) COUPL-032 request
2.25 Inch Square COUPL-025 request
2.50 Inch Square COUPL-026 request

Additional Information
Mach III torque limiters are solidly constructed to provide reliable power transmission. The torque limiter pilot is machined for easy interchange of couplings in the field, or, Mach III can provide a coupling pre-mounted on the torque limiter when it ships from our factory. Torque limiter models can be adapted to accommodate customer needs. See our Custom Design Solutions page for more information. Mach III encourages contact with our engineering department before purchasing a torque limiter for use in a new or retrofit application.

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