The photograph below shows a pair of Conway 858 series clutch mechanisms used on a Norton Hyprolap lapping machine.  Both units are mounted on a common shaft with one acting as a brake and the other as a clutch.  Due to the design of the machine, diameter and length were very limited.  To provide a drop-in replacement, Mach III created the M5R2K-001 clutch mechanism (link to drawing below) by combining the catalog-standard M5R2K-STH clutch mechanism with a custom designed adapter.  The pair cost the owner of this machine less than $2,000.00 USD and saved the additional expense of machine modification.

Mach III has assisted a number of customers seeking items no longer available from Conway Clutch.  While it is helpful to know the model number of the current Conway unit, it is more important to understand how the clutch is mounted and the function it is required to perform.  Digital photos like those on the right or a sketch of the clutch and how it relates to the existing drive train are extremely useful.  Contact Mach III for assistance replacing a Conway clutch or with any retrofit application.



M5R2K-001 OUTLINE ASSEMBLY.pdf (175.09 kb)